Sunday, July 28, 2019

How to set up a Facebook business page

We came across these three very helpful and easy-to-understand videos on YouTube, all produced by the same content creator, Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter. We grouped these three together and placed them in the order that we did because they flow logically through the same general topic, which is how to create and manage a Facebook business page.

In the following videos that we've lined up, Mr. Potter will first show us the basics of how to set up a Facebook business page. Next, he'll guide us through the more technical aspects that come with managing our business pages by exploring the various settings that FB Pages come equipped with. Finally, in the third video, he discusses how to go about boosting posts for greater audience reach.


Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page

Facebook Business Page Settings Tutorial

Facebook Boosting Tutorial: How To Boost A Post On Facebook

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